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+6At a packed gala, VIPs celebrate the $104.5 million restoration of the state Capitol -- eating, drinking and having free rein to roam around the Jefferson landmark. It's a good time till Delegates Dave Albo and Chris Peace get in a fistfight over the new color of the drapes.

+8After years of speculation about whether she'd truly come to Richmond, Queen Elizabeth II lands at RIC, tours the Capitol and waves to a crowd downtown. Most early reports indicate none of our public officials did anything embarrassing. Truly historic.

+7In the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, Gov. Kaine straightens out a law to make sure people ordered by a court to receive mental-health treatment will be prevented from buying firearms. Talk about a bipartisan issue.

+3Toad's Place, a new restaurant and music venue near the Turning Basin, announces that it's ready to open June 7, with its first concert June 21. Finally. When plans started on this thing Hansen was still going through puberty.

+4Richmonders celebrate a full weekend of events despite the rain, including Kentucky Derby parties, Cinco de Mayo fiestas and NASCAR racing. It was sort of a booze trifecta: bourbon, tequila and PBR.

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