The Score


-3Despite another horribly embarrassing external audit of Richmond Public Schools exposing millions of dollars in waste, the school auditor who's supposedly watching the kitty, Debora Johns, still has her job. Apparently the schools have forgotten the three R's: reading, 'riting and "R you kidding me?!"

+1But the Richmond School Board promises to prosecute any criminal activity uncovered by the audit. And down the hallway, a cackle echoes from behind the mayor's door.

+6Clouds briefly dump buckets of rain on an estimated 17,000 partyers at the 76th Strawberry Hill Races, but the sun comes out, the revelers are revived and the event carries on. Proving God has gotten pretty lax about the whole "punishment of sin" thing.

0The Associated Press reports that there were 44,000 applications for concealed-weapons permits in the state last year, a 73 percent increase from 2006 to 2007, according to Virginia Supreme Court statistics. Official Scott & Stringfellow stock alert: Invest now in the replacement-limb business.

+4American studies scholar and Civil War expert Edward L. Ayers is inaugurated as the ninth president of the University of Richmond, and during celebrations he reportedly serves at a party as a guest DJ. It's a good try, but his electro fife-and-drum dance mixes just don't bring out the glow sticks.

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