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-4A 33-year-old man in Chesterfield County gets in trouble with police for allegedly distributing on car windshields DVDs of him having sex with an ex-girlfriend — and including her name and contact info. It is so hard to find a good distributor for indie films these days.

-5A Richmond elementary-school teacher is sent to the hospital, the T-D reports, after the grown relatives of a student sneak into the school and punch the teacher in the hallway. And we thought "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" unfairly represented stupidity in America.

-3"Cabaret" is canceled, and Baci Management's Broadway Under the Stars season appears to be a bust, with subscribers struggling to hear from the inaccessible company. As Don Quixote said, refunds go to those who reach the unreachable stars.

0"American Idol" fans shiver at the threat of a Fox Richmond blackout on Comcast as the result of an ongoing corporate dispute. Find out what happens ... after the break.

+6In men's basketball, Virginia Commonwealth University is headed to the CAA finals, and Virginia Union University gets a bid into the NCAA Division II championships. And as we write this, butlers are carrying University of Richmond players to the A-10 tournament in Atlantic City.*

* Because of a special arrangement with the University of Richmond and a visit from several muscle-bound "media relations reps" wearing sunglasses, we are required to note that we are just kidding. Butlers are not carrying basketball players to the A-10 tournament. They are just carrying the players' shoes in velvet-lined satchels. The image of UR being filled with rich kids from New Jersey is an unfair stereotype with no basis in truth. In fact, 65 percent of undergraduates at UR receive some sort of financial aid. And a free gold-plated checkbook cover with every admission.

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