the score

A weekly ranking of the city zeitgeist



After being caught in an eavesdropping scandal here, former executive director of Virginia's GOP Edmund A. Matricardi III gets a similar job in South Carolina. He heard they were hiring.


Nolan T. Yelich, the state librarian, says he thinks former Gov. Jim Gilmore's office may have destroyed official records meant for the state archives. The librarian threatens to turn the matter over to the attorney general. Quietly, of course.


Gov. Mark Warner introduces an initiative to improve performance in the state's public schools. Unfortunately, many students are unable to read or comprehend the initiative; the others just regurgitate the answers to SOL tests.


The city goes on the lookout for dead birds after finding several that tested positive for West Nile virus. Shockingly, it finds three dead birds that died from old age. And two that kept flying into a plate-glass window. And one that was murdered on a hot, steamy night in a quiet, dirty alley.


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