The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


0 A bill under consideration by state legislators, ruled unconstitutional in other states, would further restrict sex offenders from living near a long list of places that children frequent. The bill has no stronger supporter than the lobbyist for developers of the new Sex Offender by the Sea extended-stay hotel, under construction on Tangier Island.

-1 Richmond celebrates Valentine's Day. It's the second-most annoying holiday after General Assembly Bill Crossover Day. 

-4 Richmond continues its love-hate relationship with TV weather people. And they, like the overdeveloped thigh muscles on an Olympic cross-country skier, necessary for momentum yet excruciating after an exhausting trek, should take a thorough hot-tubbing before being put on ice until training season comes round again.

+3 The Richmond Flying Squirrels unveil their mascot, Nutzy, a deliriously happy flying rodent with superpowers. Also known as Sam Moore.

-2 Speaking of baseball, the sculptor of the giant Indian head at The Diamond, Paul DiPasquale, throws his support behind a proposal to move the piece to the Lucky Strike power plant building. Where, it is hoped, lightning will create a surge of electricity, melting the bolts holding it in place and sending it toppling into the James River, where it will float to Williamsburg and sink in the murky depths, only to be discovered a thousand years later by alien archaeologists, who will proclaim it the most damning evidence yet of early mankind's “really crappy art.”

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