The Score


+8 The University of Richmond football team returns to a minicelebration on campus after winning the Spiders' first NCAA National Championship since they started playing football in 1881. Though to be fair, back then those guys didn't get such fancy equipment as helmets and pads. 

+6 The Richmond Outreach Center holds its annual Best Kids Christmas Party, bringing together almost 2,500 Richmond children to give each of them a present. As usual, Massey Coal's Worst Kids Christmas Party was a complete marketing failure. 

+1 Richmonders brave the cold at Belle Isle to mark the official beginning of winter Dec. 21 — the longest night of the year — in a solstice event sponsored by the Friends of James River Park. One attendee was heard to say, “Yeah, it was long, but I think it was longer last year. I hate to see the recession cut into nature's most treasured traditions.” 

+3 Readers of Southern Living declare Carytown the No. 9 Best Neighborhood for Shopping in the magazine's January issue. Boystown in Juarez, Mexico, ranks No. 587 for shopping but No. 1 for Cross-Species Theatrical Entertainment. 

-4 Layoffs at Channel 12 include veteran anchor Gene Lepley, longtime sports director Ben Hamlin and reporter Rob Richardson. The high-dollar contract for Gene Cox couldn't be cut because, well, he's pickled in brine and constructed to last till 2050.

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