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A weekly ranking of the city zeitgeist

Things get busy at the General Assembly. But without Vance Wilkins, it just doesn't feel like the 1960s anymore.

score: +1

Henrico County prepares to expand its laptop program to middle schools, gearing up to distribute 11,000 Apple iBooks. In a few years, kindergartners will be required to learn to type without messing up the keys with their finger paints.

score: +1

In Chesterfield County, some students skip school to celebrate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. If they lived in Henrico County, they could have at least taken their laptops with them.

score: 0

How cold is it? It's so cold that Reva Trammell declares she will now consider wearing hot pants. It's so cold that on Monument Avenue, four people are mistaken for statues. It's so cold that the hookers on Jeff Davis are working from home.

score: -3

this week's score: -3

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