The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.

+3   Richmond's economic development director announces that he's hiring the city's first tourism specialist. Up first: Change the city's police tape to read "Pardon Our Dust: Fabulous Gift Shop Coming Soon."

-2   Without naming them, outgoing Mayor Doug Wilder uses a video release to criticize two candidates running to replace him. One of the targets appeared to be "Pablo Goldschlager," and the other insult, we think, was aimed at a bobble-head Incredible Hulk figurine that Wilder thought was criticizing his policies.

+1   Organizers of the Life Empowerment Super Conference at St. Paul's Baptist Church ban cameras from the sermon and keep reporters at bay during the guest appearance of Barack Obama's former pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. Well, Obama, looks like this Holy Ghost is going to haunt you forever.

 +2   Speaking of presidential politics, Ralph Nader -- the candidate Mayor Wilder calls "irrelevant" in the T-D -- makes a weekend stop in Richmond. He warned schoolchildren to buckle up, threatened to run against Obama and rode out of town on a toaster powered by old socks.

-5   Politician pay and mileage bills are tabulated for the recent six-day General Assembly session intended to tackle the state's transportation crisis, and they come to $116,977. Why can't they just adopt Nader's motorized toaster policy?

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