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-3Attorney General Bob McDonnell inserts himself into the General Assembly's budget feud, arguing that the state constitution prevents Gov. Tim Kaine from keeping services running if no budget is passed. Kaine disagrees. Anarchy looms.

-1Speaking of anarchy, state and local officials bemoan declining federal funds for homeland-security projects. On the upside, they're finding some really nice deals on HAZMAT suits at Wal-Mart.

-1The new dean of VCU's College of Humanities and Sciences, Bob Holsworth, dismisses a biology professor's concerns about a textbook with creationist leanings, telling the Times-Dispatch that the worries are "absurd." He passes his first Team Trani test with flying colors.

-1After people are startled by frothy white foam covering the James River, the Department of Environmental Quality says it's probably natural and nothing to worry about, the T-D reports. With the brown water and the white foam, the James is starting to look like a cappuccino.

-1Jehovah's Witnesses blanket the city, ringing doorbells to invite people to one of four three-day district conventions starting June 23 at the Richmond Coliseum. It's the sort of go-getting that puts them ahead of those lazy religions, like the Hare Krishnas.

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