The Score


-3An apparently rabid and seemingly immortal fox terrorizes thousands of eastern Henrico residents, attacking three before finally being brought to yield by two bullets, a brick, a cinderblock and, finally, an animal control officer. If none of that had worked, the next course of action was to bring in a coyote to paint a fake tunnel on the side of a cliff.

-4Like an ungrateful street-corner busker unwilling to accept the quarter you toss in her hat for a tuneless rendition of "Send in the Clowns," promoters of Richmond's proposed Performing Arts Center are shaking us down for more money. First they said they'd sing for $9.6 million. Then $25 million more. Estimates put the "final" bill at $48 million to $50 million.

+1Newly minted Founders College kicks off its first day of classes in South Boston with 12 -- count 'em — 12 students. That's one more student than the American Homeschool Athletic Association's requirement to field an intramural soccer team.

0A fake-gun wielding criminal gets two fatal scoops of hot lead from an employee during a foiled attempt at robbin' Baskin-Robbins on Forest Hill Road.

-1Milk-making moms unite to picket at the Broad Street Applebee's, protesting the chain's treatment of nursing mothers. Continuing Applebee's commitment to look like a bunch of boobs, a company spokesperson tells Channel 12 it doesn't mind moms whipping 'em out so long as they do it in a "respectful manner."

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