The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+3 It's back-to-school season. And once again, our petition to abolish parent-teacher meetings dies like a Trapper Keeper on its first day of college. 

-2 Richmond, for some reason, becomes obsessed with tracking a giant storm a hundred miles away. Then again, this town obsesses over anything blustery and damp that makes you want to evacuate. Take Dirtwoman, for example. 

-1 Speaking of Hurricane Earl, NBC-12's Gene Cox is in the Outer Banks when it happens! He shares via Twitter: “Witnessed two ocean rescues today. Some people outsmart themselves.” 

-4 The T-D reports that part of Gov. McDonnell's plan to privatize ABC includes a 4-percent tax on drinks sold by restaurants and bars. Because, you know, Republicans are all about getting the government out of our personal lives. 

+5 Labor Day weekend arrives, and with it comes the close of a successful inaugural season of the Richmond Flying Squirrels. We're not sure where Nutzy nestles down for the winter, but we think he dry-cleans his cape, draws the curtains, pours himself a glass of Hennessy and snuggles up with some warm nuts.

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