The Score


+1 In a meeting with House Democrats, the T-D reports, Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell makes pledges to listen, work with and be accessible to Democrats. That includes lady Democrats, whose kitchens he will personally visit. 

-5 It rains continually for days, sending people into tailspins (literally) and causing the James to ascend like a dark, dreary sewer from hell. Mayor Jones was seen building a rather large boat and looking for two of each kind of Richmonder. 

+7 More than 14,650 people register for the SunTrust Richmond Marathon and its related races, breaking attendance records like nearly every year before. Another plus: The combined menthol scent from gallons of Bengay clears the city's nasal passages. 

+2 The T-D reports that an injured owl, which can't return to the wild because of eye damage, is rescued after being found on the sidewalk in front of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office in Henrico. In a news conference, Nancy Pelosi says the health-care bill indeed would cover owl lasik procedures, and every day that goes by without the bill passing means more cute little birds will suffer and possibly eat America's babies. 

0 Radio host Melissa Chase joins the Mix 103.7-FM, leaving rival company Clear Channel and her longtime station Q94, which dumped its local morning show earlier this year and sent her to afternoons. The bottom line in all this: She'll still have to play Daughtry.

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