The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+1It's breathlessly confirmed: Queen Elizabeth II will, indeed, visit Jamestown for 400th-birthday festivities May 3-4. Now is she the frumpy one or the hot one?

0Whatever happened to former Sen. George Allen? He's going to be the Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar, crisscrossing college campuses and promoting the former president's conservative ideals. He'll be donning a yellow hat and carrying a little, curious friend to be his trusty sidekick.

+2The private Poseidon Swimming Foundation wants to raise $7 million to build an aquatics complex near The Diamond, the T-D reports. In the off-season, the facility will become a giant bathtub for the city's burgeoning homeless population.

+4FEMA confirms that Richmond's getting nearly $33 million to build a new sewer line in Battery Park to prevent the kind of flooding that destroyed the area last year. Or, we could save millions and build the aquatics complex there.

+2Fans of Elliott Yamin line up to see the singer, get autographs (one allowed) and take photos of him promoting his new CD. His teeth had their own bodyguards. S

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