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+1 The convention and visitors bureau's Entertainment Zone Task Force takes to riding Segways around the city, searching for ways to lure more tourists downtown. How about giving every tourist a Segway to zoom past the panhandlers? 

-4 City Council struggles over a lengthy and intricate new proposal to crack down on potential trouble at nightclubs, raising concerns that it will ban dancing. On a bright note, Councilman Charles Samuels' efforts have spared many wedding guests from having to participate in any embarrassing conga-line fiascos. 

+2 After a two-day safety inspection of the old and ailing Huguenot Bridge, the state reopens it to traffic, continuing with plans to replace it. With a TELEPORTER!!! Just kidding, Richmond isn't that awesome. 

0 After four years, Media General closes its faux-alt weekly, Brick, which launched with the idea to not think out of the box, but rather to “rip the box into little pieces, burn the remnants, bury the ashes and give birth to a whole new form of journalism in Richmond.” Well, mission accomplished.

+3 Spain's win brings the World Cup — and watching parties in bars across town — to an end. Now we can all get back to real football. 


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