The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist. Special Edition: Do Bears Go to Heaven?


Maymont euthanizes its two bears to perform rabies tests after one of them bites a 4-year-old whose parent allows him to stick his hand through a fence. The Maymont chickens are just hoping they don't catch the flu.


Hundreds show up at Maymont to mourn the bears, leaving gifts and flowers, and sharing bear stories, and at least one woman tells the T-D she wept when she heard the news. But it really hits the fan when the public discovers the park's mosquito zapper.


A U.S. judge in Richmond makes national headlines when he issues no decision about the patent dispute over the BlackBerry. Several animal-lovers gather outside the court house because they think somebody said "Black Bear."


The Maymont Foundation sets up a "bear memorial fund," to support its animal-care program. Lane Ramsey makes a pledge that will be covered by the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce.


Hours it takes Mayor L. Douglas Wilder to call a press conference to angrily denounce the bear tragedy and call for an investigation: less than 24. Hours it took him to issue a public statement decrying the six brutal homicides of New Year's Day: 120.

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