The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+3In the span of a weekend, Richmond gets visits from presidential contenders Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani and "Project Runway" loser and male makeup-wearer Austin Scarlett. Who makes Obama's lips deliciously succulent and declares that Giuliani is, in fact, an autumn.

-2Speaking of Giuliani, it seems that he's chosen failed gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore to head his presidential campaign in Virginia. Apparently George Allen's crack campaign staff was too busy working at their new "Sell It on eBay!" store.

0It's HUGE, front-page news, covering half a page in the T-D: The Greek Festival (not for another 14 weeks) will offer only takeout food service because of on-site construction. So now we'll have to swig red wine and hit on older women from the comfort of our own homes. Another bottle, Mother!

-1Benedictine High School may move to Goochland County, the T-D reports, after spending almost a century in Richmond. They figure the time has finally come to put some distance between themselves and those weenies at St. Christopher's.

-3A study predicts that Virginia's prison population will grow by 12 percent to more than 41,000 inmates, the T-D reports, between 2006 and 2011. Finally a solution to the real-estate bubble.

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