The Score

A weekly rating of the city's zeitgeist.


-1Breaking news! Rabid fox killed by bat-wielding Little League coach! Rabid cat attacks two truckers! Bear rummages through backyards! Mouth-foaming Joe Morrissey breaks leash, bites Delegate Lacey Putney during Capitol wedding ceremony!

+2Another salvo in the obesity wars: Kellogg's will make its cereals more nutritional or stop advertising to children in 2008. Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam, meanwhile, find work selling adult appetite suppressants with Joe Camel.

+1U.S. Sen. Jim Webb meets with President Bush, sans handgun. Next up, a hunting trip invite from Vice President Dick Cheney?

+1As temperatures reach the mid-90s, Mayor Doug Wilder opens cooling shelters throughout the city. At Councilmember Marty Jewell's request, Wilder even opens up the baptismal pit in his second-floor office.

+4Goochland County native and Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander pitches a no-hitter, putting the Barry Bonds steroids-induced home-run chase on the back burner for at least one week.

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