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Virginia tourism officials had to retool their "live passionately" campaign after it came to light that a logo of a woman making a heart shape with her fingers may appear to be flashing a gang sign related to the Gangster Disciples of Chicago. They quickly brainstormed other ideas to bounce off of current events:

+6Current event: "My Patient Henry" Hager proposes to Jenna Bush.

Virginia promotion idea: Invite the children of elite gangbangers from across America to the Commonwealth Club for a once-in-a-lifetime speed-dating event. Special discount for members of the Social Register. Guns prohibited. Code of silence required.

Hosts: Tinsley Mercer Mortimer and Ice-T.

+3Current event: After much controversy, 73 men move into the now coed Randolph College in Lynchburg.

Virginia promotion idea: A special on-campus event wherein tourism officials hand out Lynchburg Lemonade to welcome freshmen. "We saw this cute bottle in the grocery store and realized it would help us emphasize Virginia's refreshing image -- and this beautiful part of our commonwealth," said Alisa L. Bailey, president and CEO of the Virginia Tourism Corp.

Special guest appearance: Jerry Falwell (awaiting confirmation).

+1Current event: Business Travel News names Donna Kelliher, the director of travel services for Dominion Resources Inc., as 2007 Travel Manager of the Year.

Virginia promotion idea: "The Wonderful World of Rickshaws: Exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains." Use a rickshaw when you pull into one of the state's beautiful bed & breakfasts (look for the chopsticks logo) and receive 50 percent off your stay. "This is a wonderfully romantic way for spouses to reconnect," Bailey said. "Take turns pulling each other."

In October: "Barefoot on the Appalachian Trail."

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