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Richmond police tell the T-D that two mailboxes near Jahnke Road and Forest Hill Avenue were exploded by what seemed to be homemade bombs. Which is only slightly more unsettling than being blown up by store-bought bombs.

Should state politicians keep taxing us $1 for the 400th anniversary of Jamestown? Virginia's "top cop," Attorney General Bob McDonnell, thinks not, and he says the fee must end when it's supposed to, in June 2008. We agree. But hey, it's not as bad as the Performing Arts Foundation tax -- at least Jamestown exists.

Former Richmond Sheriff Michelle Mitchell, who lost the last election to C.T. Woody, gets a job as an inmate classification specialist for the sheriff's office in Henrico County. So far, her classifications have been "Might escape if jail is left unlocked" and "Might not escape if jail is left unlocked."

The city drains a canal at the Great Ship Lock Park, leaving behind a pile of hundreds of dead fish. It's a miracle! Officials thought they'd only have a few dead fish, but this smell will last for eight days.

Police arrest three female VCU students on charges of grand larceny, accusing them of stealing Christmas decorations and lights from two decked-out homes in Henrico County, the T-D reports. Sure, it seems weird, but do you know how much a fiberglass baby Jesus pulls in on the black market?

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