The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+6  The State Fair of Virginia features horseback-riding chimps. And the campaign season is under way! 

0  The long-awaited National Association of Letter Carriers endorsement is announced, and they're putting their money on Dwight Jones. They're just not sure if they'll arrive at the polls by Nov. 4. 

-4  Economic advisers to Gov. Tim Kaine estimate that Virginia's shrinking budget might need to be cut by as much as $2.9 billion more. Kaine, seriously, it's time to put Mount Vernon on eBay. 

-5  With Circuit City's finances nose diving, the company's chairman, president and chief executive officer, Philip J. Schoonover, steps down, taking a $1.8 million severance, the T-D estimates. Talk about bailouts. Failure has never been so rewarding. 

+1 But let's end on a happy note. Chimps on horseback! Freak shows! Pies and pigs! Seriously, after this week we just want to drown our sorrows in sugar and collapse behind Exhibit Hall A, not to be woken until Jay Lugar pokes us with an old fried Twinkie.

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