The Score


Special Halloween Edition

+3 Reality: In another round of campaigning, Sen. Barack Obama rallies in Richmond and Gov. Sarah Palin heads to Homemades by Suzanne in Ashland.
Scary Movie: “Zombie Battleground.” A small Southern city is overtaken Nov. 5 when dead voters rise from their graves to walk the streets forever, stuck in a presidential campaign that never ends.

+1 Reality: Ring Dog Rescue marks National Pit Bull Awareness Day in Richmond, the city that hosted Michael Vick's trial, holding such events as a pit bull kissing booth.
Scary Movie: “Pet Revenge.” A popular sports figure is sent to prison for running an illegal dog-fighting ring. This otherworldly prison is run by canines that force him to fight other exiled sports athletes. He must win to stay alive. Then one day, OJ arrives.

-2 Reality: Paul Goldman drops out of the mayor's race, leaving four candidates standing and throwing his support to the Rev. Dwight Jones.
Scary Movie: “Paul.” After enduring months of derision and emotional tormenting by those who didn't take his ideas seriously, a man finally lashes out, using his telepathic powers to set fire to the City Charter, the one he helped create.

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