The Score


+2 Richmond finally gets one of its own infamous town-hall meetings on health-care reform held at the State Capitol by U.S. Congressman Bobby Scott. No physical alterations are reported, though, which blows the city's chances of getting some air time on MSNBC. Thank goodness we still have Bob McDonnell. 

+3 To prepare for its Halloween-weekend attractions, Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens set out to hire 650 part-time workers. True, the catastrophic health-care plan for zombies isn't great, but vampires get dental and it's a decent paycheck. 

+5 After a not-so-sweltering summer, Richmond makes it to Labor Day weekend relatively unscathed. Now, let us all return from beaches and barbecues to a beautiful season of swine flu! 

+1 Richmond police say Chris Brown's court-ordered, labor-intensive community service here will include such jobs as graffiti removal, trash pickup, car washing and grounds maintenance. All while groups of ladies gather around to swoon. 

-5 Chesterfield and Powhatan county school systems decide against broadcasting President Obama's live back-to-school message to pupils. Because really, what parent wants their child indoctrinated with stay-in-school propaganda? 

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