The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-4 Investigators with the FBI, state police and other agencies swoop into Shockoe Slip to seize boxes of records from the offices of developer Justin French. Uh, dude, who still keeps records on paper and in boxes? Digital is where it's at, yo! 

-1 Police say a man in Henrico got stabbed a few times by his friend, after a day of fishing ended with an argument over who got to keep some of the fish. And the stab wounds were <—this big—>. 

+7 Tens upon thousands of people turn out for the 27th Carytown Watermelon Festival. And yet again, little Timmy McTimerson gets a seed stuck up his nose, prompting food-safety protestors to march for tougher federal regulations of state watermelon usage, igniting a debate over farm subsidies and the 10th Amendment, which naturally causes widespread blogger outrage and an increase in the public profile of otolaryngologists, while nutritionists point out that the lycopene content of watermelons may help ward off cancer. So yes, watermelon wins. 

-2 The T-D reports that the owner of 3rd Street Diner, Pure Pleasure and Candy Bar will move ahead with plans to open Club Rouge in place of the closed Club Velvet — but there will be no liquor license for at least a year. At least when patrons see double, it'll be the good kind of double. 

+6 With a spew Olympics, karaoke, and such bands as Mobile Deathcamp, Bloody Crackdown, and Cannabis Corpse, the iconic Richmond band Gwar holds a barbecue to celebrate its 25th anniversary. And the barbecue is people.

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