The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist


-5By a marginofthismuch, Richmond's Elliott Yamin is voted off "American Idol." And Richmond goes back to being obsessed with bears. ...

+2... But things seem to be looking up — at least politically — for new singing star Elliott, who receives an official congratulations from Congressman Eric Cantor on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. Councilman Yamin, anyone?

+2Amid its $121 million expansion, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts names Alexander Lee Nyerges — head of the Dayton Art Institute in Ohio — as its new director. Then a dangerous conspiracy unfolds as a nosy museum official discovers a note on a mysterious body in the marble hall. It's the anagram of Alexander Lee Nyerges: "A DNA Gene Ere Yells Rex." To the Louvre!

-1While emerging from a Hummer, star Steve Carell sprains his ankle in downtown Richmond during the filming of a scene for "Evan Almighty." Damn thee, cobblestones!

0Advanté Advertising says it will install the city's first live downtown waterfront Web cam so people can watch the river from home at www.VistasOn So now we're using technology to keep people from going

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