The Score


Special Edition: Matchups

+7Richmond Distractors: Temperatures in the 70s, a second weekend festival to celebrate the Irish, and Final Four brackets to keep tabs on at work.


-3Northern Derailments. A morning Amtrak off track north of Richmond surprises morning commuters and turns travel plans upside down for 14 hours.

Winner: The Distractors. Clear talent. Best game all season. Derailments handle pressure well. But anyone riding a train in the 21st century deserves to wait half a day.

+6Capitol Brawlers: The much-hated abusive-driver fees are officially abolished with the stroke of Gov. Kaine's pen, and Virginians who paid the fees get refunds.


-2Battery Park Waders: City pays $200,000 to settle with couple suing for millions, who sought payback for sewage problems in Tropical Storm Ernesto that destroyed their Battery Park home.

Winner: The Brawlers. It's an upset. Home-owners give up on defense. City saves bundle for settling. Delegate Dave Albo clearly out of his comfort zone, and Virginia drivers are triumphant.

+1UC-Bookworms: Richmond Public Library Director Harriet Henderson wins the national Peggy Sullivan Award for her work supporting children.


-1New Deli Robbers: Police say a man and woman smashed their car through the New Market Deli in Henrico County late in the night and stole food, lighters and cartons of cigarettes.

Winner: Bookworms. Darkhorse to be sure. Harriet's poor performance at the foul line doesn't help. But who doesn't root for the children? Robbers should have added beer for a better party.

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