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+2Watch out, Chrysler — here comes Richmond's John W. Snow, whose company is buying the automaker for $7.4 billion in hopes of reviving its lagging performance. To add a little "Richmond flavor" to the company, Chryslers won't be for sale on Sundays.

0Details emerge on a developer's proposed plans for the Cloverleaf Mall property, which would include more than 500 residential units mixed with offices and retail space. Who wants the condo that used to be the Orange Julius?

+1City Council shoots down Mayor Wilder's choice of Harry Black as new chief administrative officer. Which means he must return his "Kiss the Chief" apron.

+3The singer one TV writer referred to as the Geico caveman — Elliott Yamin — is back on the cultural radar, performing on "American Idol," starting his tour and singing at Innsbrook After Hours. The Geico caveman gets snubbed again.

+5Officials unveil details about the June 1 groundbreaking party during First Friday for CenterStage, the $65 million performing arts venue project downtown. Sounds like a good tune, but wait, haven't we heard it before?

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