The Score


-4 Return of the Drought IV: Midweek rain isn't enough to wipe out fears, and Richmond joins the list of localities to implement mandatory water restrictions. And if we don't act now, a serious lotion shortage is looming.

-5 Bacterrorism: School custodians clean like mad, trying to rid halls, desks and football helmets of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria MRSA. And you thought the jock itch scare of '88 was bad.

0 The Farmer in the Hell: A Wythe County man is free, getting no prison time for using his tractor to chase down a woman who then broke her leg. You might be a redneck if … you chase a woman down on a tractor and she still don't marry you.

0 Clash of the Governors: We're already sick of the presidential race, and now we're likely to face thousands of ads and calls and posters on a big-time race between former Govs. Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner for Senate. We're still trying to rid our ears of the "No car tax" ringing.

+3 It Came From the Sketch: Yes, the nod, shall we say, to the Emmy-nominated Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg skit "Dick in a Box" is clever. But by the time you see the eighth dick in a box of the night, it's time to bid farewell to Halloween 2007 -- until it returns next year!

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