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It's official: Queen Elizabeth II says in a speech that she and her husband, Prince Philip, are visiting Jamestown for its 400th anniversary celebration in May. Prince Albert would come too, but he can't get through the metal detector.


Excited gamers camp out at local stores to buy the new PlayStation 3, but no one is as excited as news media, which pull out the ol' "Look! People are lining up to buy stuff" stories. We just wish they'd buy a stick of deodorant and mouthwash.


Despite worries from neighbors that evil developers could buy the Windsor House, it's actually fellow neighbors, chemical company exec Teddy Gottwald and his wife who win the bid for the historic home. Wait till they find out the Gottwalds' devious plan: World's Smallest Wal-Mart!


As far as state law goes, the Chesterfield commonwealth's attorney gives the legal thumbs-up to a woman who's erected a yard sign imploring sex offender Ed Barber to leave her neighborhood. New this Christmas: The Tacky Sign Tour.


The South Side distribution center for Utz-brand snacks catches fire. Keep a lookout for "Cajun Blackened Asbestolicious Pretzels," coming soon to a store near you!

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