The Score

+4 President Bush becomes the fourth president to attend the July Fourth celebration at Monticello, where he addresses an audience that includes 76 people from 30 countries being sworn in as U.S. citizens. Which begs the question: Shouldn't the speaker at a naturalization ceremony be able to speak English?

-5 Gas prices in Richmond hit the $4-per-gallon mark. If it makes you feel any better, Starbucks coffee's selling strong for $16.53 a gallon (not including tax).

-4  Mayor Wilder says he'll need to cut $6 million from the city budget because he's been using his set of numbers rather than the ones approved by City Council, because he says council members didn't pass a budget, although the city attorney says they did, although Wilder basically says that attorney is a mouthpiece for the council. Only one number's important to know: how many days till Nov. 4.

-1  Our sister company, the Weather Channel, is sold to NBC Universal for about $3.5 billion. Meteorologists predict Landmark investors will be partly drunk with giddiness with a 50 percent chance of sleeping on a big pile of green.

+3  Local arts leaders begin the process of developing a Richmond Region Cultural Action Plan, a road map for development of the area's arts and culture scene. The plan hits a snag when artists disagree over whether the plan should be screen printed on handmade linen or sculpted from river rocks and Thai food menus.

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