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Less than 7 percent of registered voters turn out for the primary elections. Lesson: Participating in the political process is a sacred duty, honored and cherished by American citizens. Unless it's really hot outside.


Republican gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore says he isn't debating if the debate includes independent candidate H. Russell Potts Jr. Lesson: You may be leaving playgrounds far behind, but there will always be a bully.


Henrico County residents complain that nearby quarry blasting is damaging their homes and shaking up their routines. Lesson: Once you have a mortgage, explosives aren't as much fun as they used to be.


City Council and the mayor get warmer on a budget compromise. Still, legal maneuvering isn't ruled out. Lesson: Don't take the law into your own hands. ... take 'em to court.


In the Virginia Wine Competition, Hanover County's James River Cellars wins the Governor's Cup for its Dolce Vino dessert wine. Lesson: Things get a lot sweeter when you turn 21.

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