The Score


+5 The Field Day of the Past draws thousands of people to Goochland County to see blacksmiths, mules and a steam sawmill — rural ways of life in business and agriculture from the days of yore. You know, when the economy was actually booming. 

+7 Police capture the young man accused of killing four people in Farmville after he falls asleep waiting for a flight at Richmond International Airport. Hey buddy, we have a much more comfortable place for you to snooze. 

+2 With the growth of Fort Lee under way, the T-D reports on a proposed $114 million, 15-story hotel with 900 rooms and 100 suites. Good thing it's on base — it will take an army to clean that thing. 

-4 An ex-police officer is charged with impersonation, the T-D reports, after he's accused of pulling over a female off-duty officer and saying he's a cop. And really, we're all for arresting anyone trying to do impersonations, especially Tim Conway. 

+1 A concert planned for Sept. 26 by controversial reggae artist Buju Banton is moved from the National to the Hat Factory then canceled after local protests against the performance, especially from the gay community. Fortunately, we hear Eminem is available. 

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