The Score


-3Get ready for hometown coverage of the Jenna Bush-Henry Hager wedding May 10! Jenna made "quite a catch" gushes the Times-Dispatch! Not so sure about Henry, though. He only gets the chunky daughter of the worst president in modern U.S. history.

0Dirtwoman's mayoral campaign gets a boost last week after he, err, she says she put in a phone call to Mayor L. Douglas Wilder. "He said he's not going to run. He's tired of the shit down there [at City Hall]."

-6The T-D (sticky notes!) cleverly fuses news with paid advertisers in Saturday's lead story on how to spend $1,200 tax-refund checks: "Whaddya want?" How about a TV from Circuit City, new clubs from Mulligan's and Cold Stone Creamery ice cream!

+3The National Duathlon Festival comes through Richmond, challenging 450 athletes from around the country who do not one, but two activities well enough to do them in public.

0Proving that there may well be nothing going on in Richmond at all, the T-D runs a story about

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