The Score


-5 Grocery-store hysteria grips Richmond after an industry magazine revs up longtime rumors that Ukrop's wants to sell its chain of stores. Hey, if you'd been making potato salad since 1937, maybe you'd want a break, too. 

+4 The ongoing saga of potential rest-stop closures enters the political arena, with the gubernatorial candidates saying they'll reopen the restrooms if elected. That, and they'll put a chicken in every pot. 

+2 Vice President Joe Biden visits Richmond to make the case that the federal stimulus package is working and announcing a $1.59 million grant for law enforcement in the city. That explains the 20-inch chrome rims on the paddy wagon. 

-3 Despite artistic success, financial worries force the nonprofit Stage 1 Theatre Company to close after its inaugural season. Meanwhile, CenterStage has made millions without even opening its doors. 

-2 An on-again, off-again plan for a Richmond fair at The Diamond keeps heads spinning, with dates seeming to change daily. But it doesn't faze at least one man, who's been in the parking lot for a week dipping sticks in a fryer.

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