The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+2 The Virginia General Assembly convenes its 2010 legislative session. Hot topics expected to reach the floor include Fist-Pumping Licensure (The New Jersey Prohibition Bill); Economic Stimulus Package for Owners of Second Housing (The Taxes Are Too High on My Rivah Home Act); and Historical Building Eyesore Reduction Effort (The We're Bored and Want to Bulldoze Stuff Resolution). 

-6 Virginia Beach-based evangelist Pat Robertson calls the Haiti earthquake payback for Haiti's pact with the devil to break French colonial rule. Note to self: Avoid Virginia Beach high-rises and waterfront property for the next few months. 

+3 First lady Maureen McDonnell, stepping out of the shadow of her husband's infamous thesis on women, outlines her plan for promoting the women of Virginia. Unfortunately, she must apologize for the kickoff event held at Club Velvet, which someone told her was a textiles company.  

0 Bob Sledd, former chief executive of Performance Food Group, sidesteps concerns about his reluctance to give up his corporate board positions by forgoing a paycheck and a traditional cabinet post, becoming Gov. Bob McDonnell's pro bono economic adviser. His first advice to shore up the budget? State employees work for free. 

-1 Chesterfield County considers eliminating school sports to help the budget while the Richmond Sports Backers unveil their tourism plan for the county. But just how much can they make from sales of calendars featuring nude supervisors and Dickie King's softball team?

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