The Score


+6 High-school graduation season gets in full swing, with thousands of Richmond-area teenagers wearing caps and gowns while getting advice on life. Like: Please get a job as soon as possible and start paying down this massive debt we've given you. 

+5 At the Fan Free Clinic in Richmond, Dominion Resources announces that it's donating $1 million to free health clinics in several states, of which $500,000 stays in Virginia. Now if only they can install hot and cold running condom dispensers in every home, too. 

+4 Bugs are back at the second Broad AppActit food festival, which among dozens of local restaurant choices features a booth offering wax worms and deep-fried crickets. Mmm, tastes like chickenfly. 

0 In the week before their primary, three Democrats made their final cases about who should be the party's nominee for governor against Republican candidate Bob McDonnell. It was decided they'd just sit on each other's shoulders, wear a really long trench coat and campaign as Deedy McMoran. 

-1 Former mayor and Gov. Doug Wilder tells CNN that Virginia Democrats are “not energized” and says it will be difficult to beat Bob McDonnell. McDonnell was shaken awake from an afternoon nap in a hammock to be told the news.

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