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-4USA Today calls Virginia "the home of the $3,000 traffic ticket," thanks to new state laws that hit drivers with extra-big fines to pay for road projects. Remember, it's not "reckless driving," it's "helping the infrastructure."

-1At City Hall, the fate of where Richmond Public Schools will be housed is up in the air during a back-and-forth between the mayor and school administrators. Someone missed the SOLs on conflict resolution.

+3We may be losing the headquarters of Wachovia Securities, but Philip Morris USA says it's bringing more jobs to Richmond when it closes a manufacturing plant in North Carolina. Ahh, tobacco: 200 years later, and it's still the real cash crop.

-3But wait … Capital One says it's eliminating 2,000 jobs by the end of next year. At this rate, by 2018 they'll have negative employees.

-1A state official tells the T-D it's natural to expect problems after the Capitol's $104.5 million renovation — such as the leaking in the governor's ceremonial office, the Jefferson Room and the speaker's office. Also the blood running down the walls, the black holes in the bathrooms and the strange screaming from Senate chambers — all par for the course.

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