The Score


+4Will they come up with a budget? Can they get along? Are Terry and Jerry Kilgore really two different people? The 60-day General Assembly convenes in Richmond to the delight of lobbyists everywhere. Now, if only there were a few more food carts …

+2We can all water our lawns and wash our cars again now that Richmond's ended its three months of citizen water-use restrictions. And the children, at last, can be bathed.

-5Richmond's Redskins fans mourn the retirement of Joe Gibbs, while Richmond Spiders fans worry about the departure of popular football coach Dave Clawson to the University of Tennessee. Now the Braves? Is Richmond in danger of losing its status as a big-name sports town?

0George Allen, former senator and governor, tells the Associated Press he won't be running for a second term as governor and will instead seek to "serve and contribute outside of elected office." Translation: Yell at the TV in his underwear all he wants whenever the new governor is on the tube.

-4Richmond blog "Awaken Me" spots it first: Ed Trask's Shockoe Bottom mural of Princess Diana, just above the strip club Velvet, is painted over! It's the first time the strip club place has actually covered the female form.

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