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Rapper Lil Wayne infuriates fans by showing up hours late to his Landmark Theater concert, marking the end of a day dealing with felony drug and weapons charges against him. Punctuality is not something taught on the mean streets.

Under the 14-month-old Deadbeat Parent Task Force, the T-D reports, the Richmond Sheriff's Office has tracked down 247 parents who owe $4.61 million in child support. Quite a bit more successful than PETA's Irresponsible Feral Cat Fathers Task Force.

The Poseidon Swimming Club and Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club decide against building their $8 million aquatics center near The Diamond, taking the project to to Chesterfield. Let them have their giant pool. There's a million things we can do with an old empty Diamond and no baseball team to fill it. (Seriously, do you have any ideas? Send them to us at Quickly!)

In General Assembly news, the AP reports, some restaurateurs are urging lawmakers to legalize the serving of sangria, technically not allowed under ABC laws because it mixes wine with liquor. In the meantime, just remember: "Beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer, have no fear; liquor mixed with wine, an ABC fine."

Speaking of mind-altering substances, Mayor Wilder delivers his State of the City address, telling Richmond residents they're better off than they were several years ago. Like, say, back on April 3, 1865. Yes. Things are better, absolutely.

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