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-4Richmond stock performance in 2007 is down, the T-D reports, with Massey Energy seeing its stock rise the highest by 53.9 percent, and Circuit City seeing its stock topple the most by 77.87 percent. In other words, it's better to sell energy than the stuff that uses it.

+3University of Richmond benefactor the Robins Foundation gives the university another $8 million, this time for a new center for university women and a 9,000-seat on-campus football stadium. The Robins family gets free hot dogs for life.

0With the General Assembly approaching, politicians begin rolling out their proposed changes to state law, such as a Fairfax delegate's ban on driving while text-messaging. The law never said anything about driving while telegraphing.

+1The T-D reports that Mayor Wilder is asking Gov. Kaine to sell the Gothic-designed Old City Hall back to the city. Since he can't move to the 17th floor of City Hall, he'll settle for a castle across the street.

-2Speaking of deals, at Style Weekly we learn that our privately held parent company, Landmark Communications, is exploring a sale. If you buy Style Weekly, we'll throw in The Weather Channel -- and a Pocket Fisherman!

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