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A Weekly Rating of the City's Zeitgeist

Gov. Warner wants to consolidate the state government's array of information-technology divisions into one agency, which he calculates will save $23 million in 2004. One drawback: IT workers will be required to share pocket protectors.

score: +2

In Stockholm, VCU's John B. Fenn accepts his Nobel Prize in chemistry. VCU asks him for a loan.

score: +6

Chesterfield County Schools Superintendent Billy Cannaday announces that schools will use Martin Luther King Jr. Day to make up for a snow day. After the resulting public stir, he announces, "I have a nightmare."

score: -1

State officials approve an idea to build a visitors' center pavilion at Capitol Square, which would include a snack bar. Thus begins the makings for a great General Assembly debate about nachos vs. cheese sticks.

score: +1

This Week's Score: +12

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