Throw Away That Resume!

Google expert offers job-hunting tips in new book.


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Want job-hunting tips from Google -- one of the world’s fastest-growing, high-technology firms?

Throw away your resume. Forget jobs boards like Don’t count on that Ivy League education.

Those are some of the pieces of advice in the new book, “Work Rules! Insights From Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead" (Twelve, $30) by Laszlo Boch, who joined Google in 2006.

According to a review in The Wall Street Journal, Google, which has grown to $66 billion in revenues and 50,000 workers after its inception in 1998, doesn’t like traditional methods of job recruitment.

It wants problem-solvers and people who can think creatively. It wants generalists, not specialists. Jobs boards tend to inundate Google with thousands of applicants, but very few get hired. Google prefers a graduate of a state school who's done well under duress to an above-average Ivy Leaguer who floated through comfortably.

Many of the best jobs candidates are happily working away for other companies. Google uses the Internet and other methods to identify and track them.

A key hurdle is an initial sample work test where a candidate must figure out something quickly. If you make that cut, you get more tests.

Good luck!


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