PICK: Jessica Pavone at Firehouse Theater, Wednesday, May 11


New York-based violist and experimental composer Jessica Pavone’s territory is the rich if rarified borderlands between jazz and classical music. It’s the avant-garde territory associated with late-20th century pioneer Anthony Braxton –she was part of his turn of the millennium sextet, and guitarist and frequent collaborator Mary Halvorson.

If those names mean nothing to you, suffice to say that her work tends to be less a melodic joyride and more a transcendent sonic soak.

In her current trio recording, “Of Late [Astral Spirits]” she displays a deep understanding of her instrument and a fondness for intertwining long-tone exploration. There are surprising depths in the slow unfolding. The Firehouse Theater is the perfect venue for the required immersion. Drummer Scott Clark’s current and highly recommended band, Dawn & Dusk, featuring vocalist Laura Ann Singh, opens.

Jessica Pavone plays the Firehouse Theater at 7:30 on Wednesday, May 11. Tickets are $10 advance, $15 on day of the show.