PICK: Bio Ritmo performs for Ukraine Alive 2022 at the HofGarden, Thursday, March 24

DJ Crown Vic of Electric Cowbell spinning before and after.


Is it possible to be both globally conscious and have a good time? Why yes, of course.

Bio Ritmo’s performance at the Hof this week originally was to be a celebration of the re-release of one of the experimental salsa group's earliest recordings, "Piragüero/Asia Minor” on 45 rpm vinyl by Merge Records and Electric Cowbell (originally released on Merge in 1996). But now the event has also become a benefit, with a portion of the proceeds going to Ukraine Alive 2022, a non-profit group of Ukrainian entrepreneurs providing relief to citizens and logistical aid to the army of the Russia-besieged republic.

For the past thirty years, Richmond-based Bio Ritmo has carved out an international reputation as alt-salsa superstars while remaining deeply connected to its local kick-ass bar band roots. There is seldom a better way to spend an evening dancing on the town, and rarely ever a better cause for which to do it.

The event will be live-streamed here. And advance $15 tickets are available here. Update: DJ Crown Vic (beloved former Richmonder Jim Thomson) of Electric Cowbell will be spinning records before and after the event.

Bio Ritmo performs the Ukraine Alive 2022 Benefit at the HofGarden on Thursday, March 24 at 7 p.m. Admission is $15.