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New albums coming from the Milkstains and the Ar-Kaics.


Missed local rockers the Milkstains don’t have plans to play any shows yet, according to lead singer and guitarist John Sizemore, but there is a new album coming, the band’s first since 2017’s “Punch the Sky.” It will feature some material the group recorded at Minimum Wage studios in 2006.

“Along with that we’ve retouched our debut tape and remixed and added to it for more clarity and more of what we would have done at the time,” Sizemore tells Style. “This release we’re doing will hopefully pull all the songs we felt were our highlights, and will hopefully leave people with the ferociously fun, dance-laden live show feel we always aimed to deliver.”


Also coming on June 4, Dig! Records will release the Ar-Kaics’ “Live in the Shit” recorded Feb. 16, 2020, at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. The raw set of catchy rockers runs together “at Ramones ‘It’s Alive’ pace” as the press notes read, “towards a crescendo of damaged-psych oblivion.” Bassist Tim Abondello runs the Dig! records imprint from his home in Montrose Heights, while other members live in Leesburg and Northern Virginia.

“‘Live in the Shit’ is a time capsule of sorts, documenting the band at a crossroads just prior to an otherwise lost year,” he says, adding that members look forward to recording a new album for Wick Records, an imprint of the legendary Daptone Records.

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