Reynolds Gallery's Launch Project Seeking Emerging Artists

Taking submissions for two-month solo show through Sept.1


Emerging visual artists are to Richmond like emerging singer-songwriters are to Nashville. While many of these new artists are disproportionately centered around the art mecca of VCU and its tentacle-like reaches, intriguing art is being made by undiscovered talents young and old throughout the greater Richmond area.

Reynolds Gallery hopes to capitalize on that talent with a new initiative: The Launch Project, a two-month solo exhibition from November to December for one artist on the second floor of its gallery.

Reynolds already works with emerging artists—think of the Fountainhead Fellows program each spring—but last fall, the team decided to take it a step further. Associate Janie Hall, who is spearheading the project, explains: “This is an additional way to make sure that no one is slipping through the cracks. There are other artists out there who may not have had access to the traditional artist’s education.”

The Launch Project is open to artists of any age (yes—even adolescents) who don’t have gallery representation and live in the greater Richmond metro area. Interested applicants can submit up to 10 images of their work for review and the deadline has been extended to Sept. 1. In return, the accepted artist gains assistance with writing an artist and exhibition statement along with professional curation and sales of their art.

“We’ve noticed [with] emerging artists is that sometimes they need help with professional presentation skills,” says Hall, noting “the details of approaching a gallery and working through getting formal representation.”

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