Gwar Announces Dave Brockie Memorial for Hollywood Cemetery, Aug. 30


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Richmond's most famous smelly metal band of space mutants, Gwar announced today on social media the unveiling of a memorial marker for its legendary co-founder and singer, the much missed Dave Brockie.

We've reached out to the band for more details, but so far, here is the social media announcement for the Aug. 30 event.

On Friday, August 30th at 2pm, we will unveil a monument to our co-founder and longtime leader Dave Brockie, which will be set in Richmond, Virginia's famed Hollywood Cemetery. All are invited to the unveiling, and to a free party the next day, August 31st, at the GWARbar.

The party will feature a performance by RAWG, the greatest GWAR tribute band of all time. Friday, August 30th marks what would have been Dave Brockie's 56th birthday. The erection of this monument has been a long time coming, and we are grateful and happy we can finally do this for Dave.

We thank the many people who donated time and money to make this a reality. We hope the marker will provide a long-needed place for Brockie's friends, family, and fans to pay their respects to this wonderful and deeply talented human being, and of course, to Dave's famous creation; Oderus Urungus, who will always be remembered as one of the greatest frontmen in rock and roll history. #GWAR #DaveBrockie


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