VIDEO: Lucy Dacus Releases New Video About "American Cognitive Dissonance"

Plus Gwar announces fall "Use Your Collusion Tour."



Richmond artist Lucy Dacus, who headlines the final Friday Cheers this week, released a new song today titled "Forever Half Mast" (Matador).

She noted on her FB fan page that the song was about "American cognitive dissonance" and added "Big ups to Jacob Blizard, Jake Finch, and our dude Collin Pastore for wildin out on pedal steel. I play the shitty drums at the end. Enjoy."

It's a mid-tempo tune with some typically lovely singing by Dacus, while the lyrics are just mysterious enough to probably inspire many different interpretations.

In the conflicted song, Dacus sings "I didn't choose this town/I can't undo it now/I try to love the beast/no matter what it thinks of me." That's before it gets to one of her catchiest choruses ever, even as she ponders the morality of average Americans.

Dacus told NPR: "I wrote it years ago as an answer to my own question about whether or not any American can be a good person since we are all passively benefitting from one of the most violent and destructive systems in the world. I don't so much believe in the dualistic idea of people either being good or bad anymore, but I still believe the sentiment."

Check it out yourself.

In other local music news, RVA's favorite scumdogs Gwar released a video of its own to announce its fall "Use Your Collusion" tour. It features a fist puppet and a talking Donald Trump head. For a full list of Gwar's upcoming dates, check out this post over at Brooklyn Vegan.