PICK: Art Omelet at the Gellman Room in the Richmond Public Library



Art Omelet, an installation of works inspired by, and not infrequently created during, the long-running Breakfast Cabaret at Southside Coffee and Tea opens this Friday at the Gelman Room in the Richmond Library. Musical accompaniment will be provided, appropriately, by the Breakfast Cabaret band.

It is one of Richmond’s oddest and most endearing communal rituals, hosted every Friday morning at the Southside Crossroads Coffee and Tea by accordionist Barry Bless and singer/dancer Twila Jane Sikorsky. They lead a shifting but remarkably stable group musicians, spiced with the odd guest side player or neighborhood interloper. The music is a revolution-tinged mix of French café, Russian melodies, Kurt Weil romantic decadence, and spritely originals. By the time you realize that a lot of the charm comes from seeing the same capable band playing the same songs to the same audience, you are part of the cadre — familiarity breeds content.

The Art Omelet exhibition celebrates Cabaret regulars, photographer Jay Paul, and painter/graphic artists Chris Pool and Kim Young. It also features work created by others during one of the 185 editions of the weekly event. (Friday morning's show will be the 186th, and a set to accompany the opening of the 187th. But who is counting?)

Musical guests for the Friday evening’s performance are Jonathan Greenburg and Ezra Freeman. Also on the bill, a “melodramatic schmaltz-off” and a reading apparently related to Sikorsky’s long-germinating “Cowgirl” project. Expect a lot of primary colors and references to the weekly fashion guidelines from Cabaret style guru Ronald Lee. The event prompt: “Your Favorite/Finest Breakfast Cabaret Outfit/Costume.”

It shouldn’t be hard to pick the regulars out.

The event is Friday, June 7 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.. The actual art show runs through July 30.

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