SPARC Students To Appear With Jason Mraz On NBC's "Today" Show This Friday, Aug. 10



For those who watch the morning "Today Show" on NBC comes this online announcement from the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community:

We’re thrilled to announce that 20 of SPARC’s LIVE ART students will appear on NBC’s "Today Show" this Friday, Aug. 10!

SPARC alumnus Jason Mraz is performing live on TODAY’s Citi Concert Series, promoting the release of his new album, Know. Following his recent experiences in SPARC’s LIVE ART concert in Richmond, and our collaboration in Chicago for Special Olympics International’s 50th Anniversary celebration, Jason invited LIVE ART students to join him at Rockefeller Center for the TODAY performance.

The event marks the first time in SPARC’s 37-year history that our students have performed on national television.

Tune in this Friday on your local NBC station (NBC12 in Richmond), 8:00-9:00 a.m. Eastern Time, and cheer loud enough for us to hear you in NYC!

Style caught up with Mraz, who lives on an avocado farm in San Diego, last time he filmed a video in Richmond. You can read that story here.

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