Review: Scott Clark's "ToNow" (Clean Feed)


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Scott Clark’s new CD updates the drummer’s exploration of his Native American roots. His previous record, “Bury My Heart,” is an audacious, moving evocation of the Dee Brown’s survey history of the clearing of America’s original population through broken treaties and genocidal war.

“ToNow” focuses on a much more constrained conflict, the nine-month protest of the routing of the North Dakota Access Pipeline through the watershed of the Standing Rock Reservation. The band is Scott’s long-running group, with bassist Cameron Ralston, trumpeter Bob Miller, saxophonist Jason Scott, and guitarist Alan Parker, extended with Chicago guitarist Tobin Summerfield.

As in the previous record, there are moments of sylvan contemplation balanced with churning intensity. As with “The Dark Side of the Moon”/”Wizard of Oz” synchronicity, the record pairs well with the grainy footage from the actual event. Better yet, experience it in person at the Black Iris on Broad Street. Local heroes Brian Jones and JC Kuhl play the opening set.

Scott Clark performs on May 9 at Black Iris. Doors 7:30 p.m. Show 8 p.m. $6 - $10. Full Bar


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